Elliot. Newborn baby boy and his photos

Very often hear from many poeple that it is easpier to photogeaph girl then a boy. I don't think so it works like that. Everything depends from the baby. When they are sleepy (espeialy very hard :D ) work with themis easier no matter is a newborn boy or a girl. Of course they are more things like dressess, flowers, headbands to choose and create images but even with the most beautiful newborn baby if it do not sleep is very hard. Elliot was too cute and posed like a pro for me! Few images from his newborn photo session (do you believe s only 8 days old? ) :

Dinosaur themed cake smash photo session at Kidi Photography by Ella in Willenhall.

Ah I can’t tell you how much I adore Cake Smash sessions! Each photoshoot is always different, challenging at times and filled with so much fun, but there’s one bit I love so much! It’s getting your chosen set up ready for the shoot! I contacted Jaxon's mum prior to the session to discuss all the details and her idea was very clear. She wanted blue, orange and brown in a dinosaur theme! None of my previous clients ever asked for a dinosaur theme before so you can imagine how excited I was to start planning and looking for all the decorations for his Cake Smash session! The set up turned out so great! Jaxon’s mum was very pleased and most importantly our little model had a fantastic time enjo

Elsie Rose. Newborn girl photo session

I am absolutely blow away everytime when I have opportunity to gave cuddles to my CLients :D Yes, during newborn photo session this is legal :D Elsie Rose was even too cute and I want to keep her for... a life time :D I love every single photo from her photo session. She was so photogenic and looks absolutely cute in every pose. What do you think?

Gabriel's professional newborn session in Walsall.

It is recommended to done newborn photo session between the 5th and 14th day of baby's life. This is because at this time babies are still very sleepy and have that womb like behaviour still present, allowing those incredible fresh newborn portraits to be captured before it all fades away. Sometimes from different reasons it is not possible to attend on a newborn photo session in this time. Little Gabriel came to me with his loving Mum when he was 20 days old. I was suprised how good he was in newborn possing. He was one of the best cooperated baby in this age ever had. It was such a big pleasure to meet this little guy and such a big honour to took his professional newborn photos. I wan

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