Professional birthday photo sessional.

Another beautiful set-up and beautiful girl was celebrating first birthday with me. Full of happiness and smiles. I love my job. Cake smash and splash session are a great way for celebrating little people's Birthdays! I prepare set- up for each session. I always try create unique se-up.

About Kidi Photography by Ella

Kidi Photography by Ella – an Award Winning portrait Photographer in Walsall. Those very first moments when you learn that your family is about to expand, may be quite overwhelming, but it will gradually turn into a time of anticipation, planning and organising. You will come to realise that something absolutely incredible is about to happen, and your life will never be the same again. So how are you going to document this? This most important transition in your life. The welcoming of the new life. Your family’s story deserves to be documented in the most captivating way! This journey starts in pregnancy. For a short moment your body becomes a home for two souls, your femininity sparks a

6 weeks old Beauty. Professional baby Photographer.

I had a pleasure to take a picture of this little Baby-girl when she was 6 weeks old. Her photo session wasn't a newborn session as this kind of photo session is dedicate for baby between 5th and 14th days old. She was very good for me and still quide sleepy. I am very happy with her gallery. Take a look for some pictures from this photo session:

Zosia's cake smash and splash photo session. Walsall

I am always very happy then I can create a birthday set-up for my lovely, little Models. First birthdays are very importnat not only for Parents but also for me. I know that this is a very special moment in every Family's life and also it is a very big step for babies. They start a new stage in life, they are no longer a babies, they become a small kids. They are more independent. They can sit, eat, talk (first words) and very often they can also walk. It was a big pleasure to capture Zosia's first birthday professional photo session. She visited my home based studio 3 time, first time as a tiny newborn baby. Everytime I spend a lovely time with her Family. Such a love Clients they are. Take

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