One year old Arjua and his cake smash and splash professional photo session.

I love create milestone memories for my Clients. This is so important to keep memoeires like this and cherish them for a life time. This is why I am prepare carefully to each session. Every set -up is a handmade prepare by me to gave the best results. Even when my Clients choose coloure's scheme i create before, I do everything what I can to prepare it in a different way. That's why every set up is so unique. If you have a minute, take a look for few images from Arjua's birthday professional photosession in Walsall, with Kidi Photography by Ella.

Banksy's professional newborn photo session.

It was a big pleasure to photograph this little newborn boy. He visited my home based professional studio when he was 8 days old. Banksy's mum prefere white and grey coloures so most of the set-ups I prefere in these coloures and I love every single photo from his newborn. I want to show you few pictures from his newborn photo session:

3 weeks old baby and a proffesional photo session. Professional photographer in Walsall.

Sometimes babies could't come earlier and I work with a little bit bigger newborns :) Like this time :) Kiera visited my home based photography studio with her Parents when she was 3 weeks old. She made my work hard but she is absolutely cute. Parents were happy to prepare all set- ups during the session as I want. Theey were happy to use different coloures. I love then Parents are open for everything :) Take a look at few pictures from this newborn photo session:

Franiu and his Family. Professiona outdoor photo session.

It wasn't a first time when I photographed Franiu and his Family. I love then my Clients back to me for more photo sessions as I know that they love my work and are happy with the service provided. It means a lot to me. This time we are celebrate Franiu's secound birthday. His Parents, this time, chosen an aoutdoor professional photo session. We chosen a Wolverhampton area. It was a great decision. This little cute boy felt wonderful in the bosom of nature. I want show you a few beautiful images from this photo session. It is absolutely everything about love, happiness and Family.

Olivier first birthday. Professional cake smash photographer in Walsall.

One of my favourite set up for cake smash and splash professional photo session is navy and gold. Just perfect for little boys. I was soooo happy that Olivier's Parents chosen these colour on his birthday photo session. It was also a big pleasure to saw how much Olivier was change since our newborn photo session. Absolutely amazing experience! Take a look for few photographs from Olivier's birthday photo session.

5 days newborn boy. Proffesion photo session in Walsall.

This is one of my favourite gallery taken in June. Parents of this little one booked session with me when he was in mum's belly :-) It was exciting 9 motnhs for Parents. I still rememebr when I was waiting for my kids. It was sooo emotional. Absolutely amazing time. When he was born, his Mum wrote me a message that they are all ready to come to my home based professional photo studio in Walsall. Newborn photo session is a very special one as we have a small window of time to capture these precious moments. Professional newborn photo session should be done between the 5th and 14th day of baby's life. This is because at this time babies are still very sleepy and have that womb like behaviour

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