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Kidi Photography by Ella Walsall - professional photographer’s work from a different angle.

Today I wanted to talk about something a bit different. We’ve talked about photo sessions a lot and I feel that it’s also important to emphasise other aspects of a professional photographer’s work, especially those extremely time consuming and difficult to navigate, like building a brand image.

I’ve been working as a professional photographer in Walsall for over 6 years now, and the amount of time and work I’ve already put into building my brand’s image would probably scare many newly starting photographers. But the truth is it’s a solid foundation under a well- operating business so it’s worth every minute of my time! All the time spent on selecting just the right logos, marketing research, advertising slogans, soul search and numerous consultations to make sure that my marketing structure, as well as each component I select, are unique and characteristic only for my company… it was time well invested!

I remember how at the beginning I changed my logo around and how I changed the styles of the background and profile photos on my Facebook business page going in circles. Kidi Photography by Ella brand is not just about beautiful photos, elaborate setups and handmade clothes for my models - both tiny ones and those a bit bigger. It is also a business image: the structure and appearance of the logo, website and social media business profiles, perfectly reflecting the quality and character of experience I offer to my clients.

After 3 years of searching and consulting with numerous business image specialists, I finally created a brand image, that is not only unique, but most of all it’s in complete harmony with my soul and artistic vision. I can now fully identify myself with my brand and consider it an integral part of my company as well as myself! I made sure that every little detail is absolutely exceptional and characteristic of my company. It is this aspect of my brand that I can confidently say I am proud of and most importantly, it’s perfectly defined and recognisable on the market. Yes, it took me several years to build my brand’s image and get to this point, however, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Even something so seemingly unimportant like a footer in my Facebook post descriptions took me several weeks to plan and perfect. There is no room for coincidences really, nor duplication of another photographer’s work and style. Everything about my brand’s image is well thought out, precise, and characteristic for my company.

For over 2 years now, my business Facebook and Instagram profile photos include the company's logo at the bottom of an isolated background. It was an intentional action assuring our photos are easily associated with our brand without obscuring the photo or interfering with its reception. Even the colour of the logo’s background is not accidental, and I personally make sure it’s perfectly balanced with the colour palette of the main photograph, to make sure it’s encouraging for the potential clients to learn more about Kidi Photography by Ella.

We put a lot of effort into creating an image that allows our business to be easily distinguished on the market. An image that is unique and perfectly in line with the character of our services, and I couldn’t be prouder to offer this exclusive, high quality and one of a kind photography experience to my clients! This is why every Photographer and Artist should be creative and do not copy other Artis's ideas. Every bussiness should be unique and offer their own service, not to copy the personality of others.

So, as you can see a photographer's work is not just about pressing a shutter button on the camera and taking beautiful photos. In my next blog, I will talk more about the photographer's work and I’ll take you on the journey of image post-production, from the first ‘click’ during a photo session to the final Fine Art Portrait. The one that makes my clients’ hearts swell and decorate their cosy homes’ walls.

I can’t wait to meet all the new clients booked in for upcoming sessions and if you’re considering becoming one as well, just send me a message here please, and we’ll have a friendly chat about your photo session.

Speak to you soon!


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