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Modern fine art frame

They are just an essence of elegance. This stunning moulding is available in six, absolutely amazing and unique colour designs which will complement any genre of photography

Bez nazwy-1.jpg

Frames coloures and types:

Please note that when ordering off white colour and cream  in a separately order they may slightly different shade as they will be made for a different piece of the wood (sometimes they can be a little bit more creamy, sometimes a little bit cold. Asked about samples of them when you are in a studio as we have them to show you. THey will be still very similar but might not be identical)





Mount coloures:


Sizes and prices:

20" x 16"   £300

20" x 20"   £310

24" x 20"   £330

24" x 28"   £380

30" x 12"   £320

30" x 20"   £350

30" x 30"   £380

36" x 24"   £380

40" x 30"   £410

Frame's options:


20" x 16"




                4 x 7x5"                           1x 12x30" + 2x 5x4"                            16x12"





                4 x 6x6"                                      1x 16x16"                                         16"



                 4 x 9x7"                            1x 16x12" + 3x 6x4"                             20x 16"




             20x16"                                                                   24x20" 




                                 3 x 8x8"



        16x14" + 2x 6x6"                                  24x14"                                           26x16"



           9x 7x7"            1x 16x16" + 5x 7x7"   22x14" + 3x 6x6"               26x26"                             24"   


                         30x18"                                          20x18" + 2x 8x8"





                            16x11"                                                            34x24"

This is offer for Kidi Photography's Clients only

vienna 20x16.jpg
vienna 20x20.jpg
Vienna 24x20.jpg
Vienna 24x28.jpg
Vienna 30x12.jpg
Vienna 30x20.jpg
Vienna 30x30.jpg
Vienna 36x24.jpg
Vienna 40x30.jpg
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