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Sitter session Pricing Guide

Please note this session is dedicated for one child only. No siblings and family photos. From 4 months old and older.

Ikona sitter 5.jpg

Dinky Collection


  • 4 high resolution digital images

  • Photos will b send via e-mail

  • up to 30 minutes of a photo session

  • 1 outfit

  • on-line gallery to choose photos

investment of £200

Ikona sitter 3.gif

Chubby Collection

  • 10 high resolution digital images)

  • your10will be send via WeTransfer

  • up to 60 minutes of a photo session

investment of £250 

Add on (only for chubby collection)

6'x4' set of all prints + £50

8'x6' set of all matching prints + £60

A4 set of matching prints + £70

Ikona sitter 4.gif

Maxi Collection

  • whole gallery of15 digital images

  • all 15 photos will be send via WeTransfer

  • ​up to 80 minutes photo session

  • movie created from images taken during session

investment of £310

Additional information

* Please note that on a price list there is a maximum numbers of images you will receive in a whole gallery.

** Prices  include a £50 discount for allowing the photographer to use images from the session for publicity and advertising purposes. If the Client wishes for the photographs not to be used by the photographer on social media
or for this purpose, the discount won't apply.
This need to be communicated strictly before Client book a session. Otherwise Photographer have a right to cancel the session at any point Client will informed that do not agree to use photos in social media. Booking fee will not be refunded.

***There’s a £80 non refundable booking fee required upfront (at the time of booking your session) towards securing your slot.

**** Studio sessions  start at 10.00am. For a different time apply before booking. Weekend spacs are available with an extra fee.

*****Please note that Dummy Collection it is only a mini session. It means that session will takes 30- 40 min max and include only baby images and max 2 set-ups will be used. Smile, Love and Platinum Collections include siblings and Family photographs at took 2-2.5h

Price list valid from 15.06.2022

ELA_5816 kopia.jpg
ELA_3930 kopia.jpg
ELA_5915 kopia.jpg
ELA_4179 kopia.jpg
ELA_5614 kopia.jpg
ELA_3735 kopia.jpg
ELA_2222 kopia.jpg
ELA_3364 kopia.jpg
ELA_5203 kopia.jpg
ELA_9839 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (8).jpg
ELA_4930 kopia.jpg
ELA_1084 3 kopia.jpg
ELA_3797 kopia.jpg
ELA_3195 kopia.jpg
ELA_3980 kopia.jpg
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