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mini sessions


Let me take you on a trip to an enchanted forest full of beautiful Bluebells, where I will capture some of the most magical photographs for your family. Moments, that will forever remind you of how blessed you are in your life, having these amazing little people around. Having your family.

Extra photographs can be purchased separately if you decide you wish to keep more photos from your session.

Bluebells Package £109

-for babies 6 months and over

-including 3 high-resolution digital images

- up to 20 minutes per session (include time for sign the contract and payment)

For kids 6months old - 2 years old outfit can be provided (aks for details before the session).

These sessions are only available for a short period, while the bluebells are in bloom so consequently spaces are limited. There always take place late afternoon/ evening so do not book if you are not flexible on the evenings.

Date: 27th April, Wolverhampton. Only 3 slots available this year.

To secure your space, There’s a £79 non refundable booking fee required upfront (at the time of booking your session) towards securing your slot. Remaining balance for the chosen package will be payable on the day of your session by cash.  Session fee is included in package price so there is no additional cost.  You are welcome to upgrade your initial package and/or purchase single digital files at an additional charge of £40 per image.


Make sure to get in touch to reserve your space at:

It's first come first served!






Best clothes for these sessions: knitted, plain, jeans, linen. Blue, Navy, Green, brown (earthy coloures). No patterns. Only one set of clothes for Client. This is time limited session. If you want to have more time, you should book a full session.

Photographs are choosen by a photographer in a mini offer and edited according to a photographer fine-art style shown in the porfolio. Make sure you accept Kidi Photography's originl editing style, which will not be adjusted or amended to individual customer preferences. If you want choose your photos, when you should book a standard session inslead of a mini session. Photographer will take about 3-7 photos during each session.


* IMPORTANT: Photographs from Bluebells mini sessions will be used on the social media to promote Kidi Photography by Ella. If you don't allow photographer to use photos, you must to book a full session with standard prices.

* Clothes can be provided for babies only (up to 2 years) if requested by a client minimum 3 weeks in advance. There are included in a baby package.

* We do not provide clothes for Families.

* No gowns provided by a photogrpaher for a mini sessions. Gowns can be provided only for a full sessions.

* Mini sessions covers only basic editing it means that there is no color changing, no tatoo removes, no make-up changing, no clothes cleaning ect.

* Please do not use sparkly make u as on the photos it will looks like sweaty skin and it wouldn't be removed during retouching.

* Baby outfits are available in baby package only.

* Parents must be with their children only. No cousins or friends allowed. If you want them to attend, then they must to book a seperate slot.

* BOOK ONLY IF YOU ARE FLEXIBLE AFTERNOONS as date might to be change due the weather conditions few days forwards/back.

* T&C apply.


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