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Siller and child portrait pricing guide

Do not include siblings or family images. For kids over 7 month old. Only one child per session. If you have siblings, please check Family pricing guide.

You are welcome to upgrade your initial package and/or purchase single digital files at an additional charge of £30 per image. Photographer will use images from the session on social media and in advertising purposes.

Bronze collection

4 high resolution digital images
send via e-mail

up to 30minutes, 1 outfit
face to face photo viewing appointment

investment of £210 

Silver collection

10 high resolution digital images

photos ready to download from our server

Up to 60 minutes 3-4 outfits
face to face photo viewing appointment

investment of £260


Gold collection

whole gallery (15 digital images)
Images  will be send via WeTransfer

movie created from images taken during session

Up to 60 minutes 3-4 outfits

investment of £310 

Add on (only for silver collection,

offer is valid only during the viewing appoitment)

6'x4' set of all prints + £30
8'x6' set of matching prints + £40
A4 set of matching prints + £50

Platinum collection

whole gallery (15 digital images)
complimentary leather USB or send via Drop Box

movie created from images taken during session

Up to 60 minutes 3-4 outfits

set of 15 prints up to size A4

£100 towards any wall art purchase

investment of £430

If you are interest in outdoor photo session, you can check

price list here.

More information abut by sitting up session can be find here.

* Please note that on a price list there is a maximum numbers of images you

will receive in a whole gallery. Best 15 photographs are choosen by a photographer.

** Prices  include a £50 discount for allowing the photographer to use images
from the session for publicity and advertising purposes.

If the Client wishes for the photographs not to be used by the photographer on social mediaor for this purpose, the discount won't apply. This need to be communicated strictly before Client book a session. Otherwise Photographer have a right to cancel the session at any point Client will informed that do not agree to use photos in social media. Booking fee will not be refunded.

*** Please note that fine art photography is not about only show how models looks like, but mostly about a creative vision of an artist. In fine art photography, the photographer is the artist, and the recording of the subject is not the main purpose. Making an artistic statement is. A fine art portrait image is created by the photographer as an artist and not just by the camera. The photographer’s vision is central to the resulting shot. Please, note when booking your session with me you also accept my original, fine art editing style, which will not be adjusted or amended to individual customer preferences.To the amazing result on a photos I offer outfits for sitter session (kids between 6 and 12 months old). I also will discus with you what kind of clothes are them for a photo session. This is very important to prepare them correctly.


****There’s a £80 non refundable booking fee required upfront (at the time of booking your session) towards securing your slot.

***** Weekend space available for an addition fee of £50.

****** Customers are not allowed of taking photos during the session (phones, cameras and all other devices). If photos will be taken without the photographer's consent, the session will be immediately finished and Clients will not received any photos from the session. Booking fee wouldn't be refunded in this case too.

********Please note that USB sticks are complimentary with packages and in case they will stop working, Photographer will send photos to a Client via Drop Box. We do not offer an replacements.

Studio session are booked Mon - Fri at 10:00. Weekend spaces available for additional fee. For different timing or weekend availability message us for details. Outdoor session due to weather conditions are book in for afternoons.

Clients are not permitted to take photos on their own during photo sessions!


Price list valid from 20.12.2023


Ikona sitter 2.gif
Ikona kids.gif
Ikona sitter 3.gif
Ikona sitter 7.jpg
Ikona sitter 4.jpg
ELA_4115 kopia.jpg
ELA_3318 kopia.jpg
ELA_9481 kopia.jpg
ELA_7159 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg
ELA_7313 kopia.jpg
ELA_5899 3 kopia.jpg
ELA_6169 kopia.jpg
ELA_8789 kopia.jpg
ELA_7261 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (10).jpg
ELA_7288 kopia.jpg
ELA_7224 kopia.jpg
ELA_6973 — kopia.jpg
ELA_3163 kopia.jpg
ELA_9412 kopia.jpg
ELA_7744 kopia.jpg
ELA_2156 kopia.jpg
ELA_2073 kopia.jpg
ELA_9553 kopia.jpg
ELA_3364 kopia.jpg
ELA_2970 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (7).jpg
ELA_3195 kopia.jpg
ELA_3000 kopia.jpg
ELA_3075 kopia.jpg
ELA_2129 kopia.jpg
ELA_2282 — kopia.jpg
ELA_4930 kopia.jpg
ELA_4133 kopia.jpg
ELA_4894 kopia.jpg
ELA_9044 kopia.jpg
ELA_3252 kopia.jpg
ELA_3154 kopia.jpg
ELA_5628 kopia.jpg
ELA_3733 kopia.jpg
ELA_1084 3 kopia.jpg
ELA_3805 kopia.jpg
ELA_5644 kopia.jpg
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