Babies & Toddlers Photography

​These sessions are especially designed for babies 3 months, and older. For those little models who have outgrown their newborn stage and are now lifting their heads up and sit up unsupported, while showering everyone with sweet smiles! It's absolutely wonderful to have that curiosity in their eyes captured along with their bursting personalities and all that mischief in the making! Something really precious to look back at when they're older and their unique characters are fully expressed.


Working with little models can be quite challenging at times. Depending on their age they won’t always understand what the event of the photo session is about. Sitting still in one place and smiling to the camera is not at the top of their priority list! Looking around and exploring every corner of the new place is! This is why photo sessions with little ones are more about capturing the moment of their playful nature and that loving relationship with their parents, rather than forcing them to smile on demand. Don’t worry, we will catch those smiles when they naturally occur!


Due to the time limitation I advise to bring not more than 2 changes of clothes to the session. We can work around using different backdrops with different sets of outfits for a greater variety of portraits for your gallery. However, because these sessions are up to one hour long, we will physically have no time to use more outfits than the extra 2.  Please note we do not provide outfits for babies. We provide outfits only for newborn and cake smash sessions and few for sitter session (7-9 months old).


Also, I always advise to plan your session around your little one’s nap times. Make sure your little one is well rested for the photo session, as this will give us much more time to work around different backdrops and set ups.


If your baby becomes tired before the session’s end, I will not be forcing your baby to pose. Yes, I do have a good few tricks up my sleeve to help them relax and enjoy their session, however if they’ve exhausted their interest for the shoot and are simply tired or hungry it will only upset them more if they are pushed for smiles and poses. That's why I always advice to start from the baby pictures as when baby feel tired, don't pose alone and I can still take family pictures (babies always settle down in Parents arms).

For more details and to book your session, please get in touch here!


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