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Specific  requirements

Please note, any specific requirements for props and prefered colour palette should be discussed when booking your session. I always prepare to each session individually, and making your preferences and expectations clear beforehand, is an important part of the process. I would also like to stress, that all photographs will be prepared with accordance to my portfolio. Choosing me as your photographer is therefore tantamount to accepting my original style and aesthetic.

I put a lot of effort into planning each session, and I always approach my clients individually. I am more than happy to incorporate parents' inspirations and accommodate specific requests, so long as they appreciate and reflect my style.

With respect to newborn sessions, this is especially important to remember, that baby's comfort is always my main priority. I will never attempt or force certain poses when it's clearly not comfortable for the baby. And when one baby can be very relaxed in some poses, the same set up may not be as ideal for another little model. My home studio is always kept warm during newborn sessions, to make sure the baby feels safe and content and all props (baskets, outfits, blankets etc) are kept clean and tidy, as everything is thoroughly cleaned after each session before it can be used again.








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