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Covid risk assessment

I would like to let you know Kidi Photography is making necessary adjustment in accordance to the government’s advice.


* My home based studio is now operating in restricted hours accepting only one photo session a day to assure plenty of time for thorough cleaning and disinfecting prior and after the session (mini sessions are take place few by a day but with a long time break between each session).


* All props, outfits and accessories used during each session are cleaned/washed & disinfected.


* I am wearing a face covering during whole session. I am using hand sanitizer during the session.

* Photographer is washing hand just before and after session.

* All surfaces in a studio (tables, door handles ect ) are cleaning before and after each session.

* Clients are allowed to take off mask only when photographer is taking photos of them. Clients should have own mask and own hand sanitizer during the photo session.

* If you have a very high temperature and constant cough do not come for the photo session. We will reschedule the session.

* Clients should sanitize hands before entering the property. Please do not eat or drink during session. Any drink should only be consumed within own vehicle and not taken out into a property

*No handshaking (I am so sorry but this is required because of corona virus)

* Avoiding cross contamination with the photographer (by touching the photographer's equipment, such as cameras, light stands, bags, etc.

* When back to home, clients should take out clothes, wash them in the maximum possible temperature and wash heir hands.

* Only immediate Family members during each session. Both Parents and siblings are allowed only during newborn, family and Christmas mini sessions.

Thank you for your cooperation.




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