Professional cake smash photo session. Walsall area.

Usually babies are very happy during cake smash and splash photo session. They love to smash the cake and they also love a splash part after cake. Sometimes one year old babies are very shy, don't like to be photograph. I have some magic tricks ;) but sometimes even when I use them old it is still hard for a baby to feels comfortable and relax. This little Beauty was very shy in my home based professional photography studio in Walsall. I want to show you few images from her session as she was super cute! #ChildrenPhotosessionBirmingham #ChildrenPhotographer #ToddlerPhotosession #ToddlerPhotographyBirmingham #ToddlerPhotographerWolverhmapton #ToddlerPhotographerWalsall #ToddlerPhotographer #K

Aurora's first birthday. Professional photographer Walsall

Few days ago I finished this little peanut gallery. I couldn't to share with you some images but I was waiting for viewing appoitment with Parents as they always must see gallery as first :) Aw, I even do not know to descibe Aurora's cake smash and splash photo session in my Walsall studio. She was A M A Z I N G! I have absolutely no word to tell you how gorgeous she was. Aurora is definitely born to be a model. She is very photogenic, camera frendy, photographer friendly and everythin friendly :) She rockher session! Smash part was GREAT and the same about splash part during her cake smash and splash photo sessio. She smashed the cake like a pro and had a great time in a bath with bubbles.

Do you know why you should print your photos?

I wanted to share a very important message with you today. Something I wasn’t aware of long after I became a photographer and it was brought up in of professional groups I’m a member of. I never realised this before, but photography and especially family and children portraits displayed around the house, have a tremendous influence on child development and their perception of self. In fact, there was a study conducted in 1975 covering an issue of low self-esteem in four graders, concluding that exposing children to their own portraits can significantly increase their behavioral and genuine self-esteem. In this world where our children are constantly attacking by unrealistic body image an

Joshua. Professional newborn photo session. Walsall

Joshua was 16 days old when he visited my home based photo studio. His Parents choosed me for his professional newborn photographer. I couldn't be more happy! Little Joshua was a born to be model ( although he was a little bit older that typical newborn baby). He posed for me like a PRO and his Parent are just LOVELY! It was such a big pleasure to meet this Family, spend with them lovely afternoon and create timeless memories for them! I LOVE MY JOB! And now, take a look for few images from this newborn photo session (yes, only a few as it is a part of his gallery ;) )

Cake smash session for 3 years old kid?

Sometimes I receive enquires for a cake smash session for older babies...2, 3 years old. Am I doing them? Of course . They are still cute and still deserve for beautiful memories. Most of the time I show you a cake smash and splash sessions for a one year old but not because they are dedicated only for one yera babies but because Parents usually forget to capture memories for bigger babies. This football eater was just perfect during his cake smash session!

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