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Why maternity session is so special and important?

As a woman and mother I know that pregnancy is a very special but also a very difficult time. Very often we feel bad, tired, in pain. All these morning sickness didn't help at all to feel better. Very often we put on weight a lot (with my son I put on weight 24kg and I felt huge!) I understand all these feelings.

But from the other hand, we feel very blessed and special in these magical time. There is nothing as special as pregnancy. We have a secound heart (sometime more lol) just under our heart. A little humand just inside our body - what can be more awesome then this 9 months?

With my first 2 kids I felt very bad, even ugly, fat ect andI because of that I was thinking that maternity session in not right choice for me. And you know what? Time was running by day... year by year... I was looking at those few photos taken by my phone, with no make up on, no hairstyling, no special clothes with sadness that when I was pregnant I didn't see this beauty inside of me. I regretted that I didn't took beautiful, a professional photo shoot for a memory of this special time. When I felt pregnant with my 3rd baby, first think which I did just after my 12 weeks scan was a booking maternity session. I didn't look at all this extra kg ect. And it was one of the best decision I took. Now I can back to those photos and treasure this magical time for a lifetime. Memories fades with time, but your photos will stay with you!

Also you must know, that I will pose you in professional way to show you in the most beautiful and powerful way. My lighting smooth all these extra fatigue lines and my dressess are designed to cover extra kilos. You will look absolutely amazing as YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN IN THE WORLD. Never think different!

Now, I want to show you a few photos from Tanya's professional maternity session. She is gorgeous and she rocked her pregnancy session in a style!

Please note that all gowns and outfits from above photographs are provided by me and my CLients are more then welcome to use them during maternity session at my Wolverhampton (Willenhall) home based studio.

See you soon!



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