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Sitter Session at Kidi Photography by Ella - Capturing milestones

As you probably know by now my business revolves around preserving special moments

in life and to be more specific, I specialise in photographing families from the very

moment they become one! I’ve been working as a professional photographer in the

Willenhall area including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Bikstion, for

more than 6 years now, and from my experience, the photographs that capture those most

important milestones in babies’ life are the ones melting parents’ hearts the most! Nature

designed us in this peculiar way, practically erasing our memory of so many tiny details

from our little one’s early life it makes those snapshots of time frozen in photographs

nearly as precious as gold! There will be so much that will fade away with time it’s almost

heartbreaking to realise it will only be recalled in your family photos. But it’s also

comforting to know these moments CAN be preserved and revisited. This is why it’s so

important to capture them in top quality photos retaining all those precious details!

When I talk with my clients about planning milestone photo sessions quite a few of

them seem surprised at the mention of a Sitter session. They are perfectly familiar with

maternity, newborn and family sessions, but a sitter session often times sounds totally

new to them. Which is saddening, because this basically means there are a number of

babies who will miss out on an opportunity to preserve their milestones in

beautiful professional photos on the verge of toddlerhood. So if you’re not sure what

a sitter session is, read on and I will do my best to explain it all in detail for you!

A sitter session is a photo session aimed at photographing babies at their sitting up

milestone, which usually falls between their 6th and 9th month of life. Here at Kidi

Photography by Ella, clients are more than welcome to pre-book their sitter session well

in advance and secure a session slot for their baby’s photoshoot in time before their

little one starts crawling or walking. Why is this so important? Well, this stage is especially

adorable to preserve! All of a sudden they become much more aware of their presence in

the environment, and although they can hardly impact their surroundings being still

immobile, they realise there is so much more to the world than the very little of the visible

spectrum they had at hand up until now.

Now they can grasp various items (which are always full of surprises being either fluffy,

rough, cold, wet or sticky!) and realise that everything in their eyesight is likely tangible and

just waiting to be discovered! And all this is literally painted on their sweet faces. Those

curious looks, shy smiles and uncontainable excitement create the most memorable

photographs to keep for years to come! And even more so, being a parent and knowing

how much there really is for your little one to discover in life, makes these sweet innocent

moments even more precious to revisit in a few years time.

These moments are so fragile and the memory of this special time deserves a truly

exceptional form of preserving. For this reason, I carefully selected a range of exquisite

products to properly showcase your beautiful photographs. From luxury Wall Art to eye-

catching Photo Albums, all are top quality and guaranteed to last for years. For more

details on the whole range of the products offered, please check the link below:

Depending on the style of your interiors your choice of Wall Art will vary greatly, but it will

also impact the course of your photo session. This is why I always ask my clients to think

ahead and plan where they wish to display their photographs and what are the colours

and styles that dominate in that particular room. It will all affect the choice of the colour

palette, posing and general style of the background in your photos. The whole set-up will

be prepared to create a perfect composition to match the style and colour palette of our

interiors giving you plenty of flexibility in terms of choosing those perfect portraits to hang

on your walls!

I don’t wish to brag but I can easily call myself a prop addict, which means my bank

account is almost always empty, but my clients can choose from an impressive selection of

props, outfits and backdrops for their photo sessions. And this is something to consider

ahead of the photo session as well because it will give us a chance to prepare setups to

create the most mesmerising photographs for you! Whether you will use them to create

a beautiful Photo Book or print gorgeous portraits for your husband’s work desk it all

matters, it all matters! Think about the colour palette, is there a theme in your baby’s

nursery room you’d like to match the photos to? What props do you love the most and how

many close-ups would you like to include in your final gallery? These are valid questions to

consider ahead of your photoshoot. For more inspiration on Sitting Up photo

sessions, various setups, poses and product options, please visit:

I hope this short overview of a Sitting Up session will offer a good insight into the

experience I offer here at Kidi Photography by Ella! As I said I’ve been working as

a professional photographer in Willenhall for several years now, and capturing these

important moments for my clients is my absolute joy! My top priority is to offer an

exceptional experience to my clients (both parents and tiny models!), and create some

truly special photographs for them, to treasure for years to come!

If you still have some questions or would like to enquire about availability for your baby’s

photo session, please get in touch at and I’ll be

delighted to chat with you about all the details!

Looking forward to speaking to you soon!


Kidi Photography by Ella WILLENHALL

Professional photography services offered across Birmingham, Wolverhampton,

Walsall, Bikstion, Worcester


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