Magda and her Family. Professional outdoor photo session in Walsall.

I feel os honored to create memories for Magdalena and her lovely Family as she is a very talented Photographer. It was a big pleasure for me to work with her and her lovely Family. It was a wonderful time I have spent with these fantastic people to capture their love and happiness. Now I would love to present You a beautiful fruits of our session

Olivia Rose. Professional newborn photographer in Walsall

My job, for me, means much more than just job. I know that I create something very special for each Family who visited my home based photo studion in Willenhall. You will treasure images which I take for You forever. It is something special for You and for me, as well. Look how gorgeous is Olivia Rosse. She was only 12 days when I meet her and her Parents. She was absolutely cute Model. Work with her was very easy as she was very good for me.

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