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Sleepy or not sleepy? Professional newborn photo session in Walsall.

Work with babies is never easy as you never know what to expect but... some sessions are just WOW. If there will be need to describe this session in a one word it will "wow" word.

This little Princess was a pro model - no matter if she was sleeping or not. She was one of the best posing newborn baby I had so far in 2022 year. I wish to have all babies so good to me as she was. I am even more happy that I was able to create so amazing gallery as I was photographer her big brother as well.

I love every single photo from this newborn photo session and it is impossible to choose les then whole gallery so I decide to show you every single one!

Please note that you can choose a colour palette for your session and we will discus everything during our online consultation.

Her Parents choose a neutral and white colours and one a few photos they also wanted a "girly touch" so here we go:


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