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Hot air balloons cake smash session. Professional photographer Walsall.

Even if you are new on my page, I am sure that you can notice that I just love birthday sessions. I am over the moon then my Clients want me to capture thair babies minestrones. I am even more happy than they asked me about osme new set ups.

For this gorgeous little boy, Parents asked abiut hot air balloons set up and also they let me know that they don't like birthday balloons to be used as a decorations. It is even hard to describe how happy I was preparing this set up. It was somenting new for me and I fall in love with it. It turst absolutely perfect.

I select few photos to show you from this cake smash ans splash session:

If you want to know about my cake smash and splash session, please contact with me for more details. I will be more then happy to tell you more.


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