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Why sitting up session is so important and special?

Today I’d like to tell you a bit more about sitter photo shoots.

are they so special and unique?

Why are they the crucial part in your baby’s first year album?

When is the best time to book one?

The best time to book a sitter shoot for your little one is when they are between 7 and 9 months old. This is usually the time when your baby can sit comfortably and confidently unaided, but they are not ready to walk or crawl yet.

Because this type of shoot is becoming increasingly popular year by year, hence I regularly purchase items that make the scenery truly beautiful: backdrops, high quality outfits and props specifically designed for that age. By booking the shoot with me you will gain access to a wide range of stunning props and accessories in a variety of colours.

I personally love this type of shoot very much; do you know why? There is nothing more enjoyable than photographing these tiny humans. I love watching them explore and discover the world. It’s a truly heart-warming feeling watching a wide range of emotions that babies at that age can show: one second they are upset and grumpy, to suddenly burst out laughing or stay really focused on something that caught their eye.

At this age we can capture these volatile moments when your baby is playing with her feet (that won’t last for much longer), they try to sit up, grab objects, make their first attempts at crawling, make funny faces, smile or show their dissatisfaction.

Sitter session is one in a life time opportunity which will allow you to capture this special stage in your baby’s development. Babies do grow really fast and what is your everyday now, will soon become a memory. I will take care of these memories and will immortalise them in beautiful photographs for your family.

You can choose between studio or outdoor session.

Below you can find some examples of my images taken with babies between 7 and 9 months old. The photo shoot scenery is fully personalised, and you can choose the colours, the theme and accessories in a variety of styles. You can also opt for something more classic with less props and accessories. All these details will be discussed with you prior to the session, to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the final results.


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