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Do you know why you should print your photos?

I wanted to share a very important message with you today. Something I wasn’t aware of long after I became a photographer and it was brought up in of professional groups I’m a member of. I never realised this before, but photography and especially family and children portraits displayed around the house, have a tremendous influence on child development and their perception of self. In fact, there was a study conducted in 1975 covering an issue of low self-esteem in four graders, concluding that exposing children to their own portraits can significantly increase their behavioral and genuine self-esteem. In this world where our children are constantly attacking by unrealistic body image and sky high expectations towards their achievements, this is a huge opportunity to instill a positive message. A message about them being loved, valued and cherished for who they are. (zdjecia twoich cudnych dzieci w kolazu) I have to tell you I’m extremely proud of my (ever growing) collection of Family portraits. I will soon run out of wall space, and will probably have to adapt our garden incorporating my babies’ portraits in the landscape somehow. But it’s sooo worth it!

If you’ve gone through an effort of booking a professional photographer, prepared for your photo shoot taking care of all the little details to make sure your family looks at its best and paid good money for your portraits, please don’t hide them on a USB. They deserve to be celebrated, cherished and remembered. Display your portraits, let them decorate dull walls and pump that heartwarming sense of belonging to the rooms of your home. ...and see how your children flourish in their presence.

Photographic enhancement of children's self‐esteem Mary S. Ammerman & Jerry L. Fryrear:

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