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About Kidi Photography by Ella

Kidi Photography by Ella – an Award Winning portrait Photographer in Walsall. Those very first moments when you learn that your family is about to expand, may be quite overwhelming, but it will gradually turn into a time of anticipation, planning and organising. You will come to realise that something absolutely incredible is about to happen, and your life will never be the same again.

So how are you going to document this? This most important transition in your life. The welcoming of the new life. Your family’s story deserves to be documented in the most captivating way!

This journey starts in pregnancy. For a short moment your body becomes a home for two souls, your femininity sparks and a mother within you awakes. For this special time I offer glamour Maternity Sessions and I provide maternity dresses, set ups and most flattering poses to make sure you love yourself in every single photo! Your beautiful glow will be captured in the most breathtaking way and preserved for your family to look back at for years to come!

Although I love all aspects of my work, newborn photography is my true field of expertise. This is where I put my heart and soul and create captivating pieces of art. You have a choice between a classic, neutral and a bursting colour palette of set ups. I have an exceptional collection of props, outfits, hats and headbands, with everything made with high quality materials and prepared specifically for newborn photography use covering all safety aspects. When it comes to the composition in the photographs, we will consult on-line all the details regarding style and colour palette, to assure the final result can become a lasting wall art decor in your home.

While creative aspects are important, my main focus is always placed around the baby. There are no poses more important than baby’s comfort and I always strive to keep my little model happy and content throughout the shoot. It requires keeping the right temperature in the room, just the right level of white noise and making sure the baby feels safe so that they can sleep soundly while I take care of posing and photographing.

To continue the journey of documenting your beautiful family, I will invite you for a Sitter session when your baby is around 7-9 months old and mastered sitting unsupported. These sessions are truly amazing, as they capture one of the most important milestone in baby’s life as well as their growing curiosity, facial expressions and unfolding character all at once!

To complete the documentation of your baby’s first year of life I offer First Birthday Cake Smash sessions. I can’t tell you how much I love these shoots! They are all about laughter, funny faces, tickles and cuddles. It’s certainly not all about the cake! The first stage of the session focuses around parents & baby portraits, we then move to photograph the baby in different set ups and finish off with the cake smash fun followed by a bubble bath! You don’t have to worry about allergy appropriate cake, as well as outfits for the shoot. I offer an array of different colour and decoration set ups (many hand made by myself!) to make sure everything perfectly matches your baby’s personality and the style of your previous sessions. This allows us to create a beautiful wall art composition and a Photo Album for you and your little one, telling the amazing story of the first year in the life of your family.

Because I’m a mother myself, I know how important this is to document these special moments, to have this reference to go back to and show your children how your family looked like when they were little. This is not something to keep on a hard drive or a memory card of a mobile phone. The form on it’s won deserves recognition. It’s your family’s story written in pictures for generations to look back at.

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