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Gabriel's professional newborn session in Walsall.

It is recommended to done newborn photo session between the 5th and 14th day of baby's life. This is because at this time babies are still very sleepy and have that womb like behaviour still present, allowing those incredible fresh newborn portraits to be captured before it all fades away.

Sometimes from different reasons it is not possible to attend on a newborn photo session in this time. Little Gabriel came to me with his loving Mum when he was 20 days old. I was suprised how good he was in newborn possing. He was one of the best cooperated baby in this age ever had.

It was such a big pleasure to meet this little guy and such a big honour to took his professional newborn photos.

I want to show you a few images from his newborn photo session taken in my Walsall home based photography studio:


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