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What to expect from a Newborn photo shoot

Thank you very much for choosing me to be the photographer for your family’s precious memories. I bet you are wondering how the photo shoot will look like, how to prepare and what to expect. Let me put your mind at ease and tell you a bit more about the experience that you will be getting from me.

About me:

I am a specialist newborn photographer with years of experience and knowledge how to safely and beautifully position your precious newborn.

About the baby:

I can recognise each baby’s abilities and will decide what poses are best for them. I will not rush any poses and will take time to look after your baby. Your baby’s comfort will be my priority and once they are comfy the images we create are bound to be beautiful and loved by you. That's why newborn session take about 3 hours.

Most newborns sleep during the photo shoot but that is not a hard and fast rule. Some babies are less sensitive to touching, moving or positioning and will allow me to pose them whilst sleeping. Others may be a bit more alert and stay awake for longer so I will attempt to take some nice images of them awake. This is in no way a failure or an issue in a newborn photo shoot – this is just yet another way of showing your baby’s personality and uniqueness.

Sometimes babies react with crying to any attempt of posing – please don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. As long as your baby is fed, dry, warm and comfortable their cry is nothing to worry about. Again, I will observe your baby closely to recognise their needs and will make sure they are as happy as possible .

About the studio:

Your baby is new in this world and pretty much used to warm environment (remember that they spent the last 9 months in 36,6C temperature) so we will try to keep the place nice and warm for them too. The room is going to be around 24 degrees, so please take that into account when choosing your own clothing for the day so that you don’t get too hot too quickly.

About the set ups & props:

All the props and outfits provided for your photo shoot are custom made items, created with fragile little ones in mind. They are all regularly washed in detergents for baby clothing.

Everything is maintained in best clean condition. All poses that your baby will be positioned in are safe and created with baby’s abilities at heart. Your baby was curled up in mummy’s tummy for a few months so all wrapped poses with limbs close to baby’s body will bring comfort to them and will make them happy and sleepy.

About you:

Although it’s called a newborn photo shoot, in fact it’s not all about just the baby. I will focus on creating beautiful baby portraits but will also include you (parents) and any siblings in the images too. The arrival of a new baby is an important milestone for the whole family so make sure you celebrate it as one. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, tired and not 100% camera ready. You have just had a baby and your body is recovering from this tremendous work it has done so I appreciate you will feel vulnerable. However, I will make sure you feel happy and relaxed and will show you in the most beautiful way, concentrating on the emotions, the bond between your family and the baby and if there are any small imperfections I can always fix them later on in post production. My aim is to make this day a great one for you so that every time you look at the images you smile.


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