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Maeva, my 6 days old model and her professional newborn photo session.

This little Beauty visited my professional home based photo studio based in Walsall (Willenhall) when she was 6 days old.

I coulnd't believe how photogenic she was! I could keep her forever but Parents want her back :) SO unfortunately after the photo session they took her with them :)

Maeva was a Winter baby so I prepared for her universal, girly set-up and Chirstmas as well, so she will tresure her first Christmas images in a future, when she will gronw up a little bit.

It is just impossible to prepare a professional newborn photo session for girl without a pink colour, so... We have in Maeva's gallery few images taken on a pink set-up as well:

Aren't they gorgous?

And now, probably you are thinking about how sleepy she was. I know that on the most of the images she looks very relaxed and sleepy as I always do my best to keep babies comportable during newborn photo session but she wasn't like that all the time :)

On the end I want to show you few images with Parent. They look gorgous and they were so well prepared!

If you want to know more about my newborn photo session, just leave me a message at

My home based photo studio is located in Willenhall, Walsall. Hope to see you too!


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