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How cute can be newborn girl?

Everytime when Clients booked session with me I am super excited. Why? I LOVE to create memories for my Clients and their Families. I love to cuddle al these tiny people and I love to create all set-ups.

Everytime I try to create something new and to create a new, unique set-ups. This is totally amazing how amazing it is when you trust me in creating lifetime memories.

I am based in Walsall, West Midlands but my Clients travel to me from all the country and it makes me feel very honoured.

If you will ask me if I prefere to photographer little girls, my answer will "No. I love to photographer newborn babies- boys and girls. They are the same cute and amazing".

Keira was absolutely amazing. She roked her professional newborn photo session. It was such a big pleasure to look at her and to observed how loved she is. Her Parents are so warm and kind that time which I spend with them flies very quick.

I had opportunity to create so many beautiful memories for them!


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