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Armaan's professional newborn photo session. Walsall

Little Armaan was such a good model for me. He was 3 weeks old as his Parents do a last minute booking so he was waiting for a space for him and his Mum was desperate to have his newborn session taken by me. It was such a big pleasure for me to hear that! And I am so happy what she decided to wait as we created amazing gallery for him!

Newborn session should be taken in first 2 weeks after birth because at this time babies are still very sleepy and have that womb like behaviour still present, allowing those incredible fresh newborn portraits to be captured before it all fades away.

Armaan was so good and relaxed on his session. So good as a newborn. Not every 3 weeks old is as good as he was.

I want to show you a few images from his session. Also take a look at his gorgeous big sister. She was amazing also.

And some portraits of his sister and them both together:

I always have a favorite picture from each session I took but this time is was sooooo hard to choose only one... But if I have to, I think it will be this one as the post is just perfect and he looks so relaxed and absolutely cute here:


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