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Professional outdoor photography by Kidi Photography by Ella. Birmingham.

You’ve probably noticed by now that Open Air photography is something my heart resonates with very deeply. It’s been a focus of my creative work for nearly 2 years now and I am incredibly proud to have been recognised and awarded so generously throughout the years for my work.

But aside from being a multi award winning photographer, I am also a professional training provider offering photography workshops to other photographers guiding them to master all the aspects related to Open Air photography. This recognition has been both challenging at times and incredibly rewarding, however my main drive throughout the yeas has always been and will remain, my clients joy.

It’s that bursting joy in my clients when they come to view their photographs and they can hardly believe these are theirs to keep. It makes my heart swell to know these photos and all my hard work will be cherished for many years to come.

Open Air photography offer so much versatility it can be hardly bitten by studio photo shoots. You get to choose all the aspects to create a truly unique piece of art that fully reflects your family’s character. You choose the season, the colour palette, scenery & time of the day to get that specific warm light. Your little people have all the space they need to just be themselves with hardly any restrictions and your photographs will always remind of that time spent together and places you love.

So when booking an Open Air session, you are never just booking an hour long slot to take a few pictures of your children. It’s a memorable experience, where your photographer puts all the effort into creating the most captivating photographs for your family to cherish for generations.

My Open Air sessions are usually booked way in advance as clients know spaces are limited and it’s best to reserve the space while they still last. You can get in touch here to ask any questions and discuss all the details before booking your photo session. We always offer pre consultations as well (on-line), so once you decide on booking your session we will guide you through all the options assuring your preferences and inspirations are taken into account to create a truly unique photographs for your family.

Kidi Photography by Ella

Stubbington Close, Willenhall

West Midlands. WV13


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