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Why mums should always join the shoot?

Each year I book roughly 200 sessions to photograph newborns and older children. My little models always visit my Willenhall studio well prepared, beautifully dressed and often excited. Their little bellies are full, faces content and the top of their head still holds the warmth of that last kiss that landed there right before they entered my home studio. But the person who booked their session and planned everything to the smallest detail so thoughtfully is usually the same person who will not be present in the photos.

And it’s not because there’s an extra charge involved, nor a higher package required to purchase afterwards. It’s simply a matter of their choice.

So why is that exactly? Why is it that so often mums choose to exclude themselves from their children’s photographs. Something that will become a lifelong keepsake for them and will be even more precious if their mum was there as well.

Why do we consciously choose not to involve ourselves offering something so precious to our little ones?

A Mother & Me portrait is something I always offer during my photo sessions, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘Oh I didn’t prepare myself for that’ ‘ Oh nooo I don’t look good in photos’ ‘No thank you, not with this extra belly and weight gained during pregnancy’. So let me address some of your top reasons for standing behind the camera rather than in front of it!

‘I’m not prepared!’

If you’ve put so much effort in making sure everyone is prepared for the shoot, it may happen that you forgot about yourself. I’ve seen it more than once, and trust me we can sort that out!

The moment the session starts I always focus on the little ones first, making sure they are comfortable and happy to pose for their photos. This allows some extra time where mum can focus on herself and get prepared. Don’t worry if you’re make up isn’t perfect or you didn’t plan your outfit ahead, trust me you won’t even notice it in the final photos, just let me lead you through the process!

‘I don’t like myself in the photos’

If you feel that you never look good in the photos, then this is probably because you were never really photographed by a professional photographer before! I will gently pose you to get your best angles out, while making sure that light is flattering and subtle on your features. Let yourself see the results!

’Not with this baby weight’

This is a tough one and I get you ..I really do. I struggled to accept my new body after my little girl’s arrival for months. It was really hard to recognise myself in this completely different form and I desperately wanted my previous body back! It took some time before I realised that there’s nothing wrong in ‘change’. It gives statement to what my body had just accomplished (and lets be honest creating a new human being is something!), and it’s in my control to lead this change into what I desire. I am happy to be in this body, knowing how much it had to adjust and what an incredible job it did! And I want to remember it! More so I want my little girl to know what a REAL woman’s body after delivery looks like, so that she doesn’t create

unrealistic expectations towards herself when she’s older!

If you’re self conscious and don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, we can simply take one photo.

That’s it. And if you won’t like it when you come to view your gallery, you don’t have to include it in your


….You might love it though.

Kidi Photography by Ella WILLENHALL


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