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Autumn mini sessions

ELA_0598 kopia.jpg

Open  air  session  create  truly  magical  portraits!

They are full of colour, boundless space and beautiful frames. They're ideal not just to capture the beauty of the place itself, or families in their most favourite spots in nature, but also (or most of all!) for capturing children in their natural, curious and playful state!


Especially now, as Autumn painted the landscapes with its unique abundance of colours and turned ordinary places, into magical backgrounds for you to express yourself, your moods, emotions and your natural beauty.




























ONLY  £120 for 3 MAGICAL,

fully edited in my style, digital images


Willenhall (Wolverhampton)

* 3 digital images will be send on Clients e-mail

* in this mini offer images are chosen by a photographer

* up to 4 people

* extra digital images £40 each but Client must informed that he is interested about buying more photos not later then before session will start

* up to 20 minutes per Client

* £60 booking fee required upfront your booking

* £20 for addition person (over 4)

* This offer is for 4 months old babies and over

* Outfit can be provided only for babies aged 7-12 months old

* One outfit for session. In a mini session there are no clothes changes.

* On line gallery with rest, unediting images can be prepared for Client for an extra fee of £20

* Please, note when booking your session with me you also accept my originl editing style, which will not be adjusted or amended to individual customer preferences.

Full T&C apply

















Due to nature of english Autumn session date can change even 24h before the session. Do not book this session if you are not available anytime in two weeks of time around 4th of November. Booking fee wouldn't be refunded if Client can not attend to other dates. Du to time of the year these sessions take place the editing time might be longer that my standard awaiting time and might take up to 6 weeks. time o


Book your Autumn Mini Session now!

For more details get in touch

Please note that booking fee for Autumn mini session is non refundable and can not be change for any other type of the session. They are very limited in numbers so please book only if you are sure you want do it. Please respect my work and other people who want to book in.

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ELA_7302 7 kopia.jpg
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ELA_1895 kopia.jpg
ELA_1535 6 kopia.jpg
ELA_6761_2 kopia.jpg
ELA_1685 kopia.jpg
ELA_2128 kopia.jpg
ELA_9604 kopia.jpg
ELA_6050 kopia.jpg
ELA_3895 kopia.jpg
ELA_4010 7 kopia.jpg
ELA_7973 kopia.jpg
ELA_3416 kopia.jpg
ELA_6200 5 kopia.jpg
ELA_4608 6 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella 1.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella 12.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (3).jpg
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