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Family Photography

Family photography is a very special kind of photography. In a way, it's an opportunity to freeze time and capture that unique & beautiful bond between all family members, and also, an incredible keepsake for the children to keep and look back at when their parents are no longer with them.

'Mummy & Me' offer in particular, has been prepared not only with mums in mind, but especially their children. To capture the fleeting moment and let the children always remember their mummy from their early years.

Each type of photography is unique in its own kind. Newborn photography allow to capture forever the tenderness of the first two weeks of baby's life. First Birthday sessions capture that moment when baby becomes a toddler giving a beautiful statement to all the skills acquired throughout the first year. Pregnancy photography creates a lasting memory of a radiating mum to be in the state of greatest expectancy. But family photography, and especially portraits with mothers, are twofold exceptional:

  • for the mum, it's an incredible gift, which she truly deserves given her endless patience, hard work and dedication in all her actions

  • for the children, simply because a moment will come when there will only be a beautiful memory left. A lasting photograph with a great power to look back in time, when mum will no longer be there

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