Open air photo sessions

An Open Air session creates an absolutely perfect setting for Family, Children and Pregnancy photography. There’s true magic to the way, nature can highlight those subtle emotions between two expecting parents, children full of character and a strong loving family.














The best time for Open Air sessions falls between April and early November. This is when nature is most gracious in terms of colours, textures & temperatures. I can confidently offer two styles of photographing, both posed as well as ‘lifestyle’ portraits and clients are also welcome to mix the two to create their truly unique gallery of photographs.















Photography is about capturing exceptional moments in time, full of emotions and meaning. It’s a truly unique and magical experience, and when done in a loving embrace of nature, the results are simply breath taking (capture emotions not a posed images).


Open air photo sessions  are full of colour, boundless space and beautiful frames. They're ideal for capturing children in their natural, curious and playful state!



















You don't know what to wear on outdoor photo sessions? Correct clothes are very importnat to creat amazing photographs.


The best are Earth' colours - brown, green, mustard, red. Materials like cotton, jeans or linen clothes. For Autumn session knitted clothes looks perfect.

AVOID: white and black clothes, joggers, trainers, overly patterned or stripy outfits, vibrant colours (strong red, neon yellow and orange),  transparent clothes, mismatched and eye catching underwear noticeable through the clothes.

Outdoor photo session should be done in the afternoon (because of the weather condition and the best natural light). During summer (April, May, June sessions shouldn't be booked earlier then 7pm).

One session - one location. It means that we do not travel to a different locations during the same session.

When you book a Family session,I will take a group images and individuals. If you have a specific requests, you must informed about them minimum 3 days before the session.

If you'd like to find out more about my Open Air sessions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.















































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