Maternity Photography

Maternity sessions are not just about photographing rounded bellies. It's about capturing the moment right before your whole life is about to change! It will never be the same after your baby's arrival, and these photographs will always remind you of who you were before that little person appeared in your life, turning it up side down and making your heart swell like you never imagined possible!




Maternity portraits are usually best done between the 25th and 34th week of pregnancy. This is when the belly is perfectly defined and mum has that wonderful glow to her beauty.

During these photo sessions, I always make sure to put mum at ease, create a relaxing atmosphere and use comfortable poses and gowns. You are welcome to use my selection of maternity dresses, just make sure to bring two sets of underwear with you, in black and white (or natural skin tone) for colour match.


For the purpose of creating unique memories, you have a choice of an indoor and on-location session.


In my offer you can find a Glamour  studio  maternity  photo session. I add them to my offer thinking of mums-to-be. I want to let you enjoy being you! Celebrate being you! And keep a footprint of this day as a little reminder to your day to day challenges that you are absolutely i n c r e d I b l e! Let me capture your glow.

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