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How to prepare your baby for a session

Baby sessionsdesigned for babies 4 months, and older. For those little models who have outgrown their newborn stage and are now lifting their heads up and sit up unsupported, while showering everyone with sweet smiles! It's absolutely wonderful to have that curiosity in their eyes captured along with their bursting personalities and all that mischief in the making! Something really precious to look back at when they're older and their unique characters are fully expressed.

When preparing to your Baby&Toddler session, please arrange a slot between your little one's naps to make sure our little model is rested and full of cheek!


Don't forget to bring a nappies and milk or any other kind of the dring, some snacks for your baby. I have a selection of outfits for various ages, but feel free to bring your own set of clothes to change between the shoots. For more details and to book your session, please get in touch here!
I provide outfits for kids up to 12 months old.




Please note, any specific requirements for props and prefered colour palette should be discussed when booking your session, but not later then 48h prior to the session day. This is Clients responsibility to let Photogrpaher know about Client's preferences. Please note that due to high numbers of booking Photographer not always is able to asked everyone about their preferences. Thank you for understanding. I always prepare to each session individually, and making your preferences and expectations clear beforehand, is an important part of the process. I would also like to stress, that all photographs will be prepared with accordance to my portfolio. Choosing me as your photographer is therefore tantamount to accepting my original style and aesthetic. During editing process I will remove birth marks and dry skin so if you want to keep them, please let me know as a session day what you do not wish to remove them. Thank you.





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