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Open Air


3rd October 2020 |        

Who is it for
I am absolutely delighted to invite you to my 
Open air Workshops this October designed for professional photographers located further than 60 miles from Willenhall. We won't be covering basics such as principles of camera settings or basic Photoshop editing, therefore in order to fully understand the content covered you will be required to have good understanding of camera settings and to be confident in working with RAW files and using Photoshop. For this reason we welcome only professional photographers at these Workshops.

What will be covered

We will focus on all these aspects that make the photograph stand out and contribute to a prominent and consistent style across the whole portfolio. Creating a photograph you already have in your mind starts right there, in your mind with planning and preparation. It's about selecting the right location, time of the day, model styling and best selection of poses. 

We will have two sets of models (covering both, single models and families) to practice skills, camera settings and posing in strictly posed shoots as well as 'lifestyle' oriented settings.

Once we're happy with the images we'll move on to retouching the photos. I will be sharing all I have learned in terms of using actions and manual touch-up. As you probably already noticed, I always aim to achieve that crisp and distinctive look in my photos with soft and well coordinated palette and depth. I will help you develop your Photoshop skills to bring out that freshness in your photos and with further practice define your own unique style as well.

For full information, please Download the PDF file.

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How to book your space

If you have any questions at all, or would like to reserve your space at my October Workshops, please complete the form below and I will get back to you within as soon as possible!

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