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How to prepare for a maternity session

When booking a photo session what you do is you essentially make a lifelong investment for your family. The
photos captured during your photshoot will for many years remind you of this very special moment in time. Of
yourself and your family, your connection and who you all were as individuals. These photos will then be
passed on to generations that will come after you. When you think of it this way, making sure you’re well
prepared for the shoot gains a whole new layer of meaning.

So what should you wear for your photo shoot?
There are a few dos and don’ts that will guide you through the process of preparation:

For studio session:
For yourself you should bring 2 sets of plain underwer in nude and black colour. If you have also a white and red set of underwear it will amazing. But nude and black are must have. Avoid any decorations, dots, prints ect. Plain, cotton underwear will be the best. It’s crucial to wear underwear that won’t leave deep marks on your skin and won’t stand out wornunder semi sheer maternity gowns. I always advise to bring an extra set of underwear or two, just to makesure we can match the colours well to create perfect compositions for the shoot. There’s plenty of space toget changed comfortably at the studio.

Please avoid the glitter makeup. Too shiny never looks good during the photo session as my lighting highlighting luminous places.

For your Partener and kids:
Use a plain clothes, no sport clothes. Prepare plain clothes, without any logos, prints ect. Good are brown, nude, pink, grey, vine colours as I have a lot of gowns in these colours so they will match to you.

Pleae note I do not allow to use shoes during the studio session.


For an outdoor sessions they are few differences. Firstly, make sure your colour palette revolves around earthy tones. Grey, brown, green, and for more distinctcolours reach for burgundy or mustard yellow. Pick colours that offer a reflection of your personality,something that compliments your beauty but won’t stand out too much stealing all focus from the mainsubject, and that’s you and your family. 

Secondly, make sure to wear clothes made of natural fibres. Best fabrics are cotton (including denim) andlinen, as these create a wonderful composition with surrounding nature in outdoor sessions and don’tinterfere with studio lighting adding unnecessary glare. 

What to avoid?
- vibrant colours such as strong red, orange, neon green or yellow etc,
- sheer clothes
- overly patterned clothes (i.e. stripy, zig zag patterned etc)
- joggers, trainers and sports wear in general

These can easily spoil an excellent photograph, and even with best intentions in mind and most impressiveretouching skills, your photographer will not be able to save these photos for you.If you’re not sure whether your wardrobe can provide an ideal selection for your photo shoot, you might wishto consider making a small investment for the purpose.

You don’t have to shop for designers clothes and
some of my best finds were actually sourced from shops such as Primark or Peacocks (especially the kidssection! It never disappoints!). It’s all a part of the process of creating stunning photos for ourfamilies. Photos that we will enjoy looking at, display and cherish for many years to come.

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