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Smash and splash photo shoots

My Smash & Splash sessions are amongst my most favourite! They're just such a fun way of celebrating little people's Birthdays!


My Smash & Splash session is especially tailored for one year olds, as older children wouldnt fit in the little bath tube. 2 and 3 year olds are welcome to have a Cake Smash shoot, and for children over 3, we have a special offer prepared, which includes a regular session with Birthday cake or muffins (depending on your preferences).
















My cakes are always prepared specifically for each session. You are welcome to choose colour palette and theme as I prepare my home based studio for each session individually. Please let me know your preference 4 weeks before our session.


If you'd like to have the photographs ready before your little one's Birthday, then I would recommend booking your session at least 4-6 weeks earlier. This will allow me enough time to prepare your retouched gallery and order prints and/or other products.


Cake, balloons and props are included in the price of the session. I will also provide outfits for the 1st Birthday Smash & Splash session, however parents of older children will be asked to bring own outfits to their little ones' Birthday sessions. Please note, that you should let me know which colors ou want to be used on your theme minimum 3 weeks before the session date for theme from our offer or 6 weeks for a new theme. Please note that in a busy times of they ear we might not be able to remind Clients about it and this is Client's resposibility to tell us what them you want. Otherwise it will be a random set up from our offer.All set-ups are prepared to each session.




Please note, that I provide rompers for girl's session and nappy cover for boy's session. If you want a different outfits, that you must bring your own. There is one backdrop per one session. There is als one outfit per session as many of the babis are getting upset during changing clothes


Please, do let me know whether your little one suffers from any allergies or has specific taste preferences and I will make sure to have your cake prepared accordingly. Gluten, dairy, egg and nut free options are available upon request.


And for the splash part, don't forget to bring your hooded towel!










Personalized decorations available for request (minimum 10 working days before session day). It is free of charge for the package with whole gallery and with extra £10 charger with smaller package.

Cake smash and splash session takes 40-60 minutes. They are dedicated for kids only. Cake smash sessions include a cake smash part when kids eat and smash the cake and the bath part, when they are plaing in a tub full of water and bubbles. Headbands/crowns are not provided. If you want any please constact as minimum 2 weeks before the session if we can provide them for you as most of them in our porfolio were provided by Clients.


Celebrate and capture your little one's Birthday with lots of fun and giggles, at my Willenhall home studio! To book or to request more information, get in touch here.








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