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River’s First Birthday Photo Shoot

As you can guess my work and family life is full on, so I don’t always have time to share my galleries with you. But I simply couldn’t resist sharing this one as River stole my heart totally. I will keep her cake smash and splash in my heart for long.

Photo shoots like River’s are planned individually with each client. All the elements such as balloons decorations, professionally made cake and overall design are thought of well in advance. If your little one has any allergies and you would prefer a special cake which they can enjoy carefreely, I can also arrange that for you.

You can bring your own clothing or are welcome to use some of my special outfits, designed and made especially for photo shoots. Clothing and decorations need to form a coherent, beautiful set up so that your images make you gasp with joy. Your baby is perfect, and they deserve a perfect shoot scenery.

Due to limited availability I always encourage parents to book well in advance and spaces get booked up really quickly. It is best to book and secure your spot around 6 – 8 weeks in advance. Last minute bookings are tricky and hardly ever available. For birthday shoots extra time is required to source any additional props, decorations and cake ordering.

And now back to our gorgeous model River. She came to the shoot with her mum and older sister who did their best to keep River in high spirits. They did an amazing job getting River to warm up to the idea of the shoot when she was still quite shy. However as soon as she saw the cake the real fun started. She was in her element, playing and smashing the cake and she forgot about me altogether. She no longer minded my camera and lights flashing and just had the time of her life. You can check the images out to see some evidence of that.

Once the cake was smashed and cleared out we went on to splashing. “Bubble Bath” is when babies get a chance to wash off the frosting off their tiny fingers and have some fun splashing. I love watching them do that and it fill my heart seeing how happy they are.

If your little one is turning one soon have a think about booking a shoot with me. It would be amazing if we could celebrate their milestone together and keep it beautifully captured.

If your child is older, don’t worry. You can still book a beautiful shoot too. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and wishes for the shoot and I will do the rest to make it happen.


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