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NEW IN! High quality photo frames

Here it is! New, long awaited product in Kidi Photography by Ella! High quality photo frames.

A great frame for your photography from our shoots! Our frames are the highest quality. The photographs are printed on non-acidic paper which provides a complete image of all the exact details and a colour persistency for over 100 years. The entire thing is framed in a white , or black frame of your choice.

The screen on our frames is high class , anti-reflective and protects the photo from UV rays. Thanks to these features, the photo is guaranteed to last an extremely long time and reflectivity is minimal. When looking at the photo , unlike other frames, you won't see your own reflection in it and the inside of the frame. And the photos locate within the frame. The offer is provided only for Kidi Photography by Ella's clients.

You will find the sizes and prices and details here:

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