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Newborn Photography

Newborn portraits are best done between the 5th and 14th day of baby's life. This is because at this time babies are still very sleepy and have that womb like behaviour still present, allowing those incredible fresh newborn portraits to be captured before it all fades away. It is not recommended to take photos sooner that 5 days as babies are very squizeed in the first 3/4 days and it is hard to pose them, and also in first few days day want to very often as they must used to leave outside mama's belly.

The only time frame to achieve those sweet, curled up poses your newborn remembers from the womb, is first 2 weeks after birth. After that they lose some of their flexibility and don't sleep as deeply as they did more days before.

For this reason, it's best to prebook your newborn session while still pregnant to make sure we have a slot available during the first 2 weeks after birth. For best results, I'd love to capture your new bundle of joy while it is still very sleepy and flexible.

Arrival of a new little person is always a very special time in the life of the family, and for this reason I always encourage parents & sibling portraits done as well. It gives an opportunity to capture how the dynamics of the whole family changes in the presence of that tiny new member. It allows to create timeless portraits to treasure for years to come! If you'd like to include parents and/or sibling portraits, please let me know when booking your session and we will discuss all the details.

​I will provide all props and outfits for newborns!



Please note, any specific requirements for props and prefered colour palette should be discussed when booking your session, but not later then 48h prior to the session day. This is Clients responsibility to let Photogrpaher know about Client's preferences. Please note that due to high numbers of booking Photographer not always is able to asked everyone about their preferences. Thank you for understanding. I always prepare to each session individually, and making your preferences and expectations clear beforehand, is an important part of the process. I would also like to stress, that all photographs will be prepared with accordance to my portfolio. Choosing me as your photographer is therefore tantamount to accepting my original style and aesthetic. During editing process I will remove birth marks and dry skin so if you want to keep them, please let me know as a session day what you do not wish to remove them. Thank you.





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I put a lot of effort into planning each session, and I always approach my clients individually. I am more than happy to incorporate parents' inspirations and accommodate specific requests, so long as they appreciate and reflect my style. If my Clients have special request to recreate some of my images from my portfolio, these images will be automatically added to their gallery. Please not that images recreated will be SIMILAR not THE SAME as it is impossible to do everything in the same way.

With respect to newborn sessions, this is especially import_ant to remember, that baby's comfort is always my main priority. I will never attempt or force certain poses when it's clearly not comfortable for the baby. And when one baby can be very relaxed in some poses, the same set up may not be as ideal for another little model.

Newborn session takes about  2 - 2.5h. Only Dummy Collection is shorter as this a mini session and takes 40-60minutes.


My home studio is always kept warm during newborn sessions, to make sure the baby feels safe and content and all props (baskets, outfits, blankets etc) are kept clean and tidy, as everything is thoroughly cleaned after each session before it can be used again.


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Useful tips:


* If You are breastfeeding, try to avoid eating anything spicy 1-2 days prior to the session. Newborn stomach can be very sensitive and our little model might be much happier posed on her belly, if certain foods will be avoided.

* If You are bottlefeeding, remember to bring more milk on session. Babies always eat often during session.


* Parents, if possible, please try to keep your baby awake for 1 hour before the session. It helps with easy posing when babies are happy to fall asleep for a longer nap.

* If possible, don't feed your baby before your arrival. It would be ideal to feed your baby just before the session, at my home studio. Baby will then comfortable fall asleep, allowing smooth posing.

* Dress your baby in a zippered/ buttoned sleeper. It's easy to tak it off, so our little model will stay calm during changing clothes for special outfits.

* If You have siblings youngest than 6 years old, leave them with daddy, auntie and bring them 2-2,5h later.


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Due to the nature of the newborn session we only invite immediate family to take part in the photoshoot. To make sure our little model is happy and content, can easily settle down for a nap and is undisturbed during posing and photographing, we request to only come with partner and baby's siblings to the photo session. Please, do not bring extended family to the shoot, as this may affect the outcome resulting in lower number of successful captures in your gallery. Thank you for your understanding!

Clients are not permitted to take photos on their own during photo sessions!


Hope I will see your newborn soon,

Ella xx

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