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 Some of  Cake smash set ups

Celebrate your baby's 1st Birthday with a cake Smash session!

As I'm often being asked about available colour themes for this session, I decided to prepare a little guide with set up examples.

Please remember everything is included in the package price!
- cake
- balloons
- decorations
- outfits

You don't have to bring anything to your session apart from a hooded towel to wrap your baby after the splash part!

I can prepare a set up to match your chosen theme but you are not restricted in regards to the colour palette. Please, check example set ups below and if you can't find your prefered colours, just get in touch and we will discuss the details.

Please not these are not all my birthday set-ups I prepared so If you want to see all of them, check my gallery, here.

Also, please not that in a package price there is nluded a round, simple cake. If you want to have more fansy cake or giant cup cake there is £20 additional fee for desined cake.


01: Dark, light blue
& white with gold

02: Princess in gold

03: Minnie Mouse

04: Dark blue and white

05: Dark blue, white
and yellow

06: Creme, pink, mint
and lavender

07: Mickey Mouse

08: Turquoise Lover


09: Purple love

10: Purple and pink twist

11: Baby pink, white, silver

12: Exclusive

13: Baby Blue

14: Dreamy

15: Mint, white and grey

16: Grey and yellow fun

17: Superman

18: Plane

19: Elmo

20: Teddy Bear's smash

* There is extra coast on this set-up


21: Minty grey


22: Pastel dream

ELA_8646 kopia.png

23: Green lover


24: Earthy boy


25: Dark and light blue stars

26: Sparkly boy


27: Winter wonderland

28: Summer fun

ELA_2922 kopia.jpg

29: Wild one

ELA_5565_1 kopia.jpg

32: Purplish

ELA_3626 kopia.jpg

30: Starry sky

ELA_9304 kopia.jpg

33: Sparkly silver

ELA_8385 kopia.jpg

31: Modern girl

ELA_3531 kopia.jpg

34: Sparkly mint

ELA_4859 kopia.jpg

35: Unicorn dream

Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg

38: Raindbow girl

ELA_8454 kopia.jpg

36: Football lover

ELA_7836 kopia.jpg

39: Sunflower

ELA_6159 kopia.jpg

37: Sky wish

Kidi Photography by Ella (2).jpg

40: Pastel love

Kidi Photography by Ella (3).jpg

41: Bee-one
please not if you want exactly the same cake there will be £15 extra fee.

ELA_5182 kopia.jpg

42: Mermaid adventure
please not if you want exactly the same cake there will be £15 extra fee.

ELA_1843 kopia.jpg

43: Winter wonderland in pink
please not if you want exactly the same cake there will be £15 extra fee.

ELA_7952 kopia.jpg

44: I love teddy bears

45: Hot air ballons I

ELA_0437 kopia.jpg
Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg

46: Hot air balloons II

Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg

47: Fancy boy

Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg

50: Pastel Princess

Kidi Photography by Ella (6).jpg

48: Boys dreams

ELA_9606 kopia.jpg

51: Pastel Princess

ELA_6968 kopia.jpg

53: Fairytail

ELA_2215 kopia.jpg

54: Golden night

ELA_2506 kopia.jpg

56: Posh girl

ELA_0483 kopia.jpg

59: Petter rabbit

ELA_3419 kopia.jpg

62: Butterfly

ELA_1681 kopia.jpg

57: Pastel love

ELA_1422_1 kopia.jpg

60: Fairytale

ELA_3297 kopia.jpg

63: Pinky baloons

Kidi Photography by Ella (7).jpg

49: Sky

ELA_9686 kopia.jpg

52: Spring vibes

ELA_6156 kopia.jpg

55: Starry night

ELA_1121 kopia.jpg

58: Flover-air balloons

ELA_4916 kopia.jpg

61: Under the sun

Please, note that set-up can be a little bit different that showed above. Set up 33 is more expensive then rest.

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