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Adam's cake smash and splash photo session.

One of the most amazing moments during parenthood is, then your little baby turns one year old. He will never be so tiny and helpless anymore.

It was amazing and challenging year. Lots of smiles and lots of tears. Sleepless nights but also first love.... first time you heard "mum", "dad" and You will alsways remember those moments in your heart.

The perfect way to celelbrate and catched forever this special day is a cake smash and splash professional photo session.

I am a Walsall based portrait photographer so it is very easy to come to me from most of the cities in United Kingdom.

I love to prepare birthdays set-ups for my little Models. It is very important moments in your family's life so I do my best to prepfere the best set-up ever for each session. I provide all decorations including birthday cake and out fit.

My cake smash and splash photo session in Walsall include a portait part (before the cake, so baby is clean and can look around a new place), cake smash when kids can make a reall smash (it's not a clean part of a photo session lol) and finally a splash part (bubble fun in a water). It is perfect way to create unforgetable memories for You and your little one.

Adam visited my home based photo studio with his lovely Parents. I prepared for him a dark blue set. I want show You few images from this beautiful photo session in Walsall:

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