Kacperek and his newborn session

I meet this little Cute when he was 5 day old. He was absolutely seet. I love all my tiny models. It was always a big pleasure to capture them in first days of life. It was amazing to look how big miracle he is for his Parents. As a Walsall Photographer i meet a lot od Families from Walsall, Wolverhampton and Birmingham but this time i meet Family from Evesham. It is a big pleasure that they come from Evesham to me. Few photos from Kacperek's newborn photo-shoot:

Rosalie's cake smash and splash photo session

It is always a big pleasure to capture moments like this! I love create memories especialy when to my home base studio come so cute little Lasy as Rosalie. She was just amazing during session and had so much fun! Take a look for few pictres from this session:

Lily and her cake smash session

Cake smash and splash session is a great idea to celelbrate your child 1st birthday. Cake smash session are great for kids from 1 to 3 years old. For older kids I recomended a little bit different session for birthdays. Lily visited my home based studio because she turns ONE! It was her 3rd session with me. It was a bit pleasure for me to capture her again. She is definitely born to be a model. Her session is my favourite cake smash ever! Lily was great during her session! Gaves me a lot of smiles and cheeky faces :) Few photos from Lily's cake smash session:

Mr Cutie. Newborn photo session

I always love all newborn photo sessions which I did but sometimes... Sometimes babies are more sweet than sugar and it was so hard to gave them back to Parents. This little Gentleman visited my cosy home studio when he was 9 days old. He was absolutely cute and sweet... Look at his cheeks! Unbelievable cute! It was very good session for one more reason- i use my new, tiny bed <3

Arthur's cake smash session

Arthur's visited my home studio because his Parents wants celebrate his FIRST BIRTHDAY! It is always a very special day so it is very important to capture this memories in beautiful and unique way. I always prepare cake smash set ups for each session. I spend lots of time for creat unique decoration. For it is very important to prepare everytime something new and indyvidual. I am a mother so i know how importnat these memories are. Little Arthur was just perfect! He was so photogenic that it was hard to believe! Take a look on some images from Arthur's cake smash and spalsh session:

Little Olive and her newborn photo session

I have a big pleasure to meet this little Beauty. Olive visited me in my cosy home studio when she was 12 day old. How small, isn't she? :) She came to my studio with her lovely Parents. It was a big pleasure to capture litlle Olive. Her Parents were so kind... Olive is born to be a model. She absolutely knows what to do :) Her newborn session was quick and tidy- no poo, even no wee! Could You believe? I will rememebr this stunning Girl for a long time!

Baby A. Newborn photo session

It is always a big challange to do a newborn photo session. I must prepere very carefully to each session. It is very important as i have in my arms your biggest Treasure. It is big responsibility as I keep in my hands little Life. I absolutely love all my Little Models. Look at this Handsome Boy- he was so tiny <3

Amelka's newborn session

Hello Everyone, meet little Amelka. This little Beaytu was absolutely cute and bery good during sessin. She slept pretty well and she has only 3 milk;s breaks during session. And no poo! YES! No poo on me so I was very lucky :D I always love my newborn's model and their session.. but it was hard to not/ Just look at her:

Digital images and prints from your professional photo session

When you've already decided to invest in a profession photo session, don't waste your money on cheap prints from hight street shops. Remeber, monay always go with quality, and professional prints are more expensive for a reason. With high quality lab prints none of the little details will be missed from your photographs, and you will receive a guarantee of colour accuracy and preservence for several decades! You can view our range of wall art products here: https://www.kidiphotography.co.uk/products For more details, please feel free to send me a message here.

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